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RevelationMedia is committed to creating, producing, and distributing quality Christian media to the world for FREE. If you are interested in knowing more, partnering with us, praying with us, or have any questions, please fill out the form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we get a lot. Do you have a question for us that is not listed here? Drop us a line. We'd be happy to hear from you.
Do you have films in other languages?

Our flagship animated film The Pilgrim’s Progress is available in over 30 languages. Select films, such as The Life of Jesus and End of the Spear, are available in multiple languages as well. Films that are available in other languages are listed in a dropdown menu on the streaming link.

Do you provide Closed Captioning (CC)?

While we do attempt to find copies of movies that include Closed Captioning, we do not always have that opportunity. We offer CC on the RevelationMedia production of The Pilgrim’s Progress. An American Sign Language Version of this film is also available.

You may be interested in checking out our ministry partner, RedeemTV. They are a nonprofit streaming service that offers over 1,500 faith-based films and movies, many with CC available. You can learn more and create your free account here at watch.redeemtv.com.

What is RevelationMedia?

RevelationMedia is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit ministry based in Texas. Founded in 2016, we are an independent organization not affiliated with any group or denomination. 

The vision and mission of RevelationMedia is to be on the forefront of delivering engaging and culturally relevant films: films that promote Biblical literacy, discipleship, and world evangelism. All the Christian media that we produce and distribute is available for FREE to the global missions community and FREE to the world. 
We are the producers of the animated film The Pilgrim’s Progress, and we are currently producing the world’s first complete presentation of the Biblical narrative: iBIBLE. Based solely on the Biblical text, featuring vibrant art and animation, iBIBLE is a visual Bible for a visual and connected world.
RevelationMedia also hosts free online film events. While our film selection is not exhaustive, we generally host 6–10 movies at any given time. However, we are not a streaming service or platform, nor do we have a subscription service. All our movie events are available to watch online for free, accessible by links that are sent to you via email.

Should you wish to donate or become a monthly donor of the ministry, we are happy to send you DVDs or other promotional gifts as a token of our appreciation. Join our email list by filling out the form on our “GET IN TOUCH” page. 

Is there a way for me to donate not online?

Yes! We do accept US checks or money orders made out to RevelationMedia at the following address:

RevelationMedia Donations
PO Box 850005
Richardson, TX 75085


You can note your specified designation of funds and/or rewards on your check or on a note included in your envelope. We are also happy to assist you by phone if you prefer. If your call is not answered immediately, please leave a voicemail as all our messages are returned. 


I do not live in the US. Can I still donate and receive rewards?

Yes! Our recommendation for international partners is to use PayPal, which accommodates international currency and does so securely. You do not need a PayPal Account to use the PayPal option. PayPal also provides a platform for you to use your credit or debit card through their site without having to create an account. Just look for the PayPal logo and link on our donation pages. 

When will I know my reward has been shipped?

Please allow 3–5 business days for your package to leave our warehouse in Texas. (This timeframe may change during busier periods). Watch for an email from RevelationMedia tracking@shipstation.com. You should receive this when your package leaves our warehouse, and this will contain further tracking information.

Why is there a minimum donation requirement?

As a nonprofit ministry, we operate through the donations of like-minded individuals and offer, for those who are interested, the option to donate and receive a thank-you gift.  Minimum donations are established to provide guidance to help cover the cost of the item we purchase from the producer plus shipping costs. The difference between the cost of providing the thank-you gift and the donation is returned to the organization for the development and distribution of more media and the iBIBLE project. 


If you cannot afford to make a donation to receive a reward, please write to us if you are in need of a specific ministry aid, and we will do our best to send it to you.

What do you believe?

You can find our complete Statement of Faith by clicking the link.

Where can I watch iBIBLE?

You can access all iBIBLE episodes through the links below. All episodes are currently available on our iBIBLE website, our RevelationMedia YouTube channel, and on our partner VisionVideo’s YouTube channel.

Watch iBIBLE Episodes Online (English)


RevelationMedia YouTube Channel 


VisionVideo YouTube Channel


iBIBLE is a multi-year project intended to cover the whole Bible, from Genesis to the final Revelation. We are still early in the process of creating iBIBLE, but we are excited and grateful for the growing support of iBIBLE.

Can I stream RevelationMedia on my TV?

RevelationMedia free film events are available through an internet file link in your browser, as we are not a streaming channel. 

Films can be opened on your computer and connected to your TV through AirPlay or through a physical connection such as HDMI cables. However, our technology does not currently support Smart TV browsers, so you cannot open the free film links directly on your Smart TV.

When is The 16 Worlds of The Pilgrim’s Progress going to be released?

Because of Steve’s love, knowledge, and study of The Pilgrim’s Progress, he personally started the project and hoped he would have it completed by now. Though the project is still in progress, an updated release date has not been given. Your copy will ship just as soon as the books are completed.We are also happy to offer you a refund, if you prefer, and give you the option to reorder once they are available.

What if I have problems with my password?

If you need to reset your password, you can go to www.revelationmedia.com/login and click the “Forgot?” link to receive a new password. You can use your email address as your sign-in ID, and we do recommend completing this on a computer, if possible, versus a phone or tablet.


Once you log in with the temporary password, click “edit” by “Your Info.” You should then be able to update and confirm your new password. 

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