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About Us

We are answering the call to make disciples of all nations.

Our Mission

RevelationMedia exists to bring people into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ through visual, audio, and print media that is easily and freely accessible in a language they can understand.

Why We Exist

We aspire to live out the Great Commission by distributing Christian media that helps others know God and make Him known. We are committed to creating, promoting, and distributing quality Biblical content that promotes Biblical literacy, discipleship, and evangelism.



Our Story


Click through the timeline below to see how RevelationMedia went from dream to reality.


Steve Cleary had a dream to bring an animated Bible to the world that would present the Biblical narrative in a format all people can engage with.


Beginning with no official employees, very little online presence, and a database of 11 email addresses, RevelationMedia launched on Easter, 2018 with the first episode of The Animated Bible Series.

Committed to bringing Christian media for free to the ends of the earth, RevelationMedia created The Pilgrim’s Progress animated film with a commitment to translate it into different languages.

The Pilgrim’s Progress hit theaters on Easter weekend in over 750 theaters in the US. 


APRIL: iBIBLE was announced!

JULY: The first three languages of The Pilgrim’s Progress were completed: Farsi, Spanish, and Korean.

The Pilgrim’s Progress was awarded Movieguide’s Best Family Film of 2019.



MARCH: The Pilgrim’s Progress was made available for FREE Online.

The first eight languages of The Pilgrim’s Progress were completed and made available for FREE on the RevelationMedia website.

FEBRUARY: The iBIBLE team began to hire interns to help with research.

JULY: The iBIBLE team began releasing “Black & Whites.” 

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OCTOBER: iBIBLE and The Pilgrim’s Progress were loaded onto MicroSD cards for global missions distribution for FREE.

NOVEMBER: New iBIBLE studio opens in Greece.

JANUARY: RevelationMedia received its first iBIBLE field report from Iran.

FEBRUARY: The first 20 languages of the first 6 episodes of iBIBLE were funded.

MARCH: RevelationMedia launched the Ukraine ministry.

JULY: RevelationMedia purchased Jesus Storybook Bibles to be distributed throughout Ukraine to children, along with critical aid.

OCTOBER: iBIBLE New Testament was partially funded.

DECEMBER: The first draft of the iBIBLE Genesis script was completed and released.

RevelationMedia iBIBLE studios are located in: Dallas, TX; San Jose, Costa Rica; and Athens, Greece. 

Scripting has begun on the iBIBLE New Testament.

The iBIBLE Salvation episode is being created, designed to lead people to Christ.

RevelationMedia now has over 40 full-time employees, and an email list of over 875,000 people.

Meet Our Leadership




Steve Cleary

CEO and Founder, RevelationMedia

Andrea Wilson

Vice President

Ron Johnson

Special Advisor to the President

Chris McQuirk

Vice President of Development and Kingdom Advancement

Marc Harper

Director of Film and Content Partnerships

David Salas

iBIBLE producer

Meet Our Board



Debra Cleary

Board Member

Steve Cleary

CEO and Founder, RevelationMedia

William Curtis

President, VisionVideo

David Henriksen

CEO, Giving Company

Casey “Buddy” Smith

Senior VP, American Family Association and American Family Radio

Charles Raines

Board Advisor

The Divine Narrative

From creation to the fall, from the prophets to the final Revelation, the Divine narrative reveals the one true story of God's love for His people. From the very moment sin entered into the world, God had a plan to redeem and restore mankind through His Son Jesus Christ. This is the Divine narrative: the story of God's love for us revealed in the Bible, presented in the order it was lived.
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Meet Our Illustration Team



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